Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Hi it's Helena and I'd just like to say welcome to our new blog, set up primarily to keep you up to date on all the comings and goings of VSS Virtual Secretarial Services, the latest news, availability - anything important really that won't go up on the website!
I'm not only the owner and general wonder woman of the firm (well if I am writing this, I can add what I want!) I am also the one who makes all the decisions, what bookings we take in and generally keeps everyone ticking over, liaising with the customer and hopefully keeping everyone happy in their work and happy with the services we are offering.
From time to time I have no doubt other members of the team will be popping in to add their twopenneth worth, so if anyone has any pictures that are funnier than Tinker the Stinker sitting on someone's file, please, now is the time to pass them on to me! This is harder than it looks you know!
At least I have started the ball rolling.....

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